Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Comments on Sixteenth Beginning

At the bottom of the last page of the Sixth Beginning are the following notes:
Kidnapped by a biker in the pay of a frog  that can cough up pearls.

Chosen for kidnapping because he is under a geas and assumed to be magical.

Geas is that he has to put a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle whenever the old one runs out.

No clue what the frog wants.
Things I do not know:
Whether either of Andrew's brothers live nearby.
Whether the neighbors know that magic is being used next door.
Whether most people would be weirded out by Andrew's Mom using the Hold Button.
Whether the frog can talk.
What the biker looks like.
Why the biker is willing to kidnap for pearls.
Whether Andrew has any magic.
How angry Andrew is at his Mom, or how angry he will be if he ever gets any options.
Whether Andrew's Father is a jerk.
What Andrew's parents' names are.
Why Andrew's Mom took him off hold.
What I had assumed:
That Andrew's Mom's family has a lot of middling important magic users in it, and that they've looked down on her.
That the biker will put Andrew in peril to try to activate his supposed latent magic.
That the brothers are still cordial to Mom.  They defer a bit and downplay the effect of the button on Andrew. 
That Mom will not notice the kidnapping for a good bit, and will contend that it's Andrew acting up when she finally notices.
Vaguely thinking that the frog needs a body, but wants a magic one. 
Vaguely thinking that Andrew needs to meet someone or something that he can talk to.  At this point, he has to believe that no one will listen to anything he says.  He's been so literally shut down. 
Putting a geas on anyone is risky.  Putting a geas on someone non-magical, as Andrew is supposed to be, is dangerous.  Putting a geas on someone who hasn't trespassed against you is rude.  Putting a geas on a child is irresponsible. 
His brothers know about the geas.  They also know that their own hold buttons have never been removed. 

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