Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twentieth Beginning: PETITION TO THE MUSE

WHEREAS, the muse is known by all to be the wellspring of good life, bringing prosperity, joy, and friendship; and

WHEREAS, a petition to the muse, according to established formulas, is an indication that a writer is working within proper literary tradition; and

WHEREAS, the voice of the muse is treasured by writers for the inspiration, aid, and encouragement that it brings; and

WHEREAS, the muse may evoke memory, parting the years to expose access to long hidden events, and may also discern truth from lies; and

WHEREAS, the muse may use a willing writer to shape the past so that it might flow to form the future; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned is willing to sacrifice sleep and all other striving in order to offer service to the muse and is willing to be guided by her weakest whisper;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, the undersigned, do PETITION THE MUSE for inspiration and guidance in my scheduled writing project, offering to be tossed upon the rivers of her reverie, offering to be wracked with rapture and woe, offering to sit upon her tripod and bend all possible skill to the coming tale, though the tempest of her inspiration should batter my ribs, chap my cheeks, and cool all other enthusiasms in my heart and brain.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the resulting work shall be sealed in honor of she from whom its inspiration flowed, that its worth, which she has summoned, shall linger to illuminate her lustrous dignity going forward. 

Signed on the _______ of ______________________
at _________________________________________________

Print Name                                                     Sign Name

____________________________     ________________________

____________________________     ________________________

____________________________     ________________________

____________________________     ________________________

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