Sunday, May 5, 2013

25 Twenty-Nineth Beginning (Nanowrimo 2007) Organizing Aunt Sheila

[This is the last of the conversation between Barbara and her Aunt Sheila.  That does not mean that the conversation came to a conclusion, only that the writing for Nanowrimo shifted to another topic - one with less filler and a smidge of plot.  It would probably be a mistake to expect chronological order, though. 
Below, Barbara is still working through the collection of her aunt's notes.]

Let me see.

Met E as planned – the oven got up to 450 in 20 minutes, so we should have no problem cooking the turkeys.  E will be coming and bringing the keys and heraldry stuff.  She may go home and rest if she gets tired, . . . skipping stuff.
No garbage down the disposal – it will back up, not only in the sink, but through the floor drain in the smaller kitchen – that would be a real mess – have the herald announce that the food from all dishes must be scraped into the trash before they are washed – we might want to post a sign, too
Skipping more stuff.
We can use the coffee urns if we want, - - - They’re letting us use the spices in the pantry if we want. - - - trash to go out at the end  - - - may want to bring a dolly for moving the trash cans - - -The center will be open for senior drop-in from 10 – 2 – blah, blah, blah.

Ah, that’s an old note about getting ready for a medieval Yule Feast.  It was awhile ago.  It wasn’t a strict recreation.  We provided turkey and ham and everyone brought pot luck.

The turkey was not period.


It was anachronistic to the period being recreated. 

Which period was that?

The Middle Ages.  That covers quite a few centuries,  so the event was anachronistic in itself because we didn’t narrow the time zone to, say 14th century Burgundy.
I thought burgundy was a drink.
It was also an area in France.  Still is.

There were no turkeys in the Middle Ages?

Not in the European Middle Ages.  Turkeys were imported to Europe from the Americas.  They arrived after Columbus.

Ah. European Middle Ages.  DWG syndrome.

Dead White Guy?


I think I’m going to take another nap.

You need to see a doctor about getting your energy up.

Or I need to get more done so I don’t feel as much weighing down on me.

Did you remember to take your pills this morning?

Yes Mother.

Remember to pop a Tylenol if your head is feeling squinty because of all the computer work you’ve been doing.

You know, that might profit me.  I wouldn’t have though to check to see how my head was feeling.  But you’re right and that might be draining energy.  To the Tylenol.

Should I set a timer?

No, it still feels like I’m catching up.

Want me to start dinner if you sleep late?

Oh, don’t let me sleep past one.  But you can cook any time you like.

Well, you may not like it.  I haven’t had much practice.

Start with the Mac and Cheese – you can’t miss if you follow the instructions.

When all else fails. . .

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