Friday, August 17, 2012

Fourteenth Beginning: Lamenting Limericks


The Cryptologist certainly wrote
The short letter they found in his coat
And the hole in his head
Told the world he was dead
But no one could decipher the note.


The Banker died of medication
Leaving only a lock combination.
Her ex soon went mad
From wishing he had
One clue to the box’s location.


A Baker once wrote his “alas”
On a cake, and then turned on the gas.
We’d know why, with no doubt,
If he’d thought to blow out
ALL the pilot lights. . . It was a blast.


A Gardener, known for her roses,
Took not one, but a few overdoses
And the gossips all sing,
“If we wait until Spring
We’ll see blooms where her husband reposes.”

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