Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nineteenth Beginning 13: Worldshore

“It’s time.”

At those words, Satbada hoisted his pack and began to walk up the path.  Narnemvar looked at his friend, who was still sitting peacefully, listening to the forest around them.

“Are you all right.”

“Fine as fudge.” Postlavanderon said.  “At first I thought that the critters here were giving a fine presentation of sound.  But then I listened closer and much of the more rhythmic music comes from the ferns.  There are rubbing squeaks and taps caused by the wind.  I think I heard a few sealed fiddleheads pop.”

“Glad to hear that you were pleasantly occupied.  Um, it was pleasantly, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, very restful.  Soothing.  The Noble Scion was pleased.”

“Ah, that must be another of you.  So you can be a good and pleased Noble Scion without being a Good Master.  That explains so much of the world.”

“Yes, it does.”

“In any case, I apologize for taking so long.  I waited until it had gathered enough ill health to begin to send some through.  If we walk now, it should shift to releasing it into the magic.”


“Yes.  And I should check to be sure that it’s doing that.  And we still don’t know if it began the hurt because we hadn’t been walking away for a given time or because the thing got full.”

“I’m sure you’ll tease it out soon.”

“Yes.  In the meantime, I’d like to catch up to Shortbread and watch him.  Can I get you to walk behind me.  I’m not going to hear anything much while I’m watching.  I won’t be much company either.”

“Well, that will put the Merry Companion off the hook.  The Dutiful Son and the Good Master will be happy.  The Noble Scion will, of course, take no notice of any of them.”

“Good, good,” said Narnemvar as he hurried away.  Deadly magic was much less disturbing than thinking about his friend’s turn of mind.  If he was a Good Friend, he’d spend more time thinking about that.  No, it was important to all of them to tease this curse apart.  And dammit, he had to catch up to do that.”  He hurried forward.  He assumed Postlavanderon hurried after him.

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