Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nineteenth Beginning: Map of the Worldshore

I'm trying to remember whether I made this map before NaNoWriMo 2005, or after and I just can't.      What I can remember is that 2005 was the year that I got the closest thing to a novel out of National Novel Writing Month.      I also got very behind at work and with housecleaning, proving that you can't have everything, at least not all at once.       Plotwise, there is a prophecy (details unknown) and a clan of hereditary seers.  They are traveling south from the very north of the Worldshore.  There is a merry mage, and entourage, traveling north from the very south.  Since the length of the Worldshore is finite, they will meet in the middle, somewhere, if they keep going.

There is an invasion coming from the continent, around the north.  They are not the main problem, although they will be one difficulty keeping our groups from dealing with the problem.

The map was modified from a map of North America.  I'm not sure, yet, if it's supposed to be the entire continent, or just as much of the continent as anyone from the Worldshore knows about. 

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