Monday, December 10, 2012

Nineteenth Beginning 37: Worldshore

[the notes have gotten spare - that can happen at the end of NaNoWriMo]

I’m going to number the family at Farside.  They’re going to be numbers one through eighty seven.  some of them are going to be having

Meeting the family on the island

material philosophers and historians

Tales of the Farside – problems to come

ignoring today’s problems by scrying for the solutions to tomorrow’s problems

Reaching out again

Contact and entanglement

Explanations to the Farside

Plans to leave

Daffak to take information back to Father

Felt to stay Farside

Explanations to Lavvi

Machinations at Court

Plans to leave

The problem is here but I need to go south to solve it

Experiments in a bowl

Satbada comes through

The boat goes north for now

Narnemvar rests and considers a countercharm

Lillibell learns to paddle

Comparison of histories

Deliberate contact

the most powerful magician on the shore gets his hand slapped

Morganzer gives orders

It’s a good thing that Satbada brought that map

Comparison of books

Plans and maps

Scrying the past (the two-scry)

Three head north

Trading for a better boat

How can you write about magic

Threads of history revealed

Lillibell takes notes

Thinking about continents

The first planned contact

getting up to speed

the mage adjusts to a larger world

Three head south

Who else is going if Daffak goes back

Thinking of the prophecy

Morganzer tells Daffak what’s going to happen


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