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06 Twenty-Nineth Beginning (Nanowrimo 2007) Organizing Aunt Sheila

[OK - If you've been reading the Twelfth Beginning as if it were a story, here is where things will get strange.  Or stranger.  In 2007, my strategy for Nanowrimo was to cram the story into the category 'literary.'  The idea being that it would then not have to be linear or, to be frank, coherent. 

Not that I was assuming that I was writing something that would be a salable literary novel.  Just that I was not going to force myself to maintain any kind of continuity.  I was deliberately dumping ideas and references to get them out of my mind and off of my desk. 

There was a loose plot that I had in mind.  But I wasn't trying to write scenes in order.  I also wasn't staying with a preferred style or point of view.  I understood, and anyone reading pieces will be happier if they understand, that each scene was an act of discovery, revealing possibilities.  If the plot is ever to be turned into a novel, it will require years of discover, followed by decisions, then extensive re-writing. 

I won't even call it editing.  It will be re-writing, completely starting over.  In short, don't let yourself get confused trying to make more of the bits than are there.  Thanks.]

Hey, Baba Jay,

Go ahead, call me Con-Anne in retribution.  I won’t hear it!  I’m writing to bring you in on the conspiracy and to ask you what she’s like and how thing’s are going so that I know how likely you are to forgive me.

I know that I didn’t stick you out there, but I didn’t stick up for you either and I know that counts, especially between sisters.  So tell me how dire and I’ll take whatever lumps are coming to me to stay on your good side.

On to the conspiracy!  You may remember (or not - it wasn’t your major or anything) how I let the Mother and Father argue me into entering the Williamson College of Business Administration, instead of going for Liberal Arts, like I SAID I wanted?  That was cause I knew that if I did it with the right flare, they wouldn’t recheck the paperwork.  I’ve actually entered the College of Fine Arts, with a Theater major. 

My phone number and address are at the bottom.  You can tear them off.  Convenient, no?  But I’m going to explain about the email addresses so that you don’t get them mixed.  THAT’S the conspiracy.  Not the major, that’s a trick and you don’t have to COLLUDE with that.  But I have TWO email addresses.  I expect you to use the first to make the required conventional noises and the second to really talk to me. 

The Mother and Father have the first one and they want to IM a lot.  Or use this chat thing that will come up.  And god help us, they’ve made a Yahoo Group for keeping up.  The email I’ll be using for that is my YSU one.  It’s the standard  The real email, which I am relying on you to keep secret, is  At least I think I have the numbers right.  Who would have thought that so many people want to be conwomen?

TMF do not have your address or phone number.  And I’m not at college yet, so I couldn’t risk phoning.  They keep saying they’re going to give me a cell phone before I go, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I got your add/num with my mighty google-fu.  I bet you didn’t think I had any, but I bet I found you. 

They’re still sputtering and trying to get information from Aunt Myrtle.  She says she threw it away.  So they’re just waiting for a letter from you and stewing like its your fault that they didn’t get an address or number before they shoved you on that plane.  Its all I can do to keep a straight face.  Talk about deserving to be out of the loop.

We’ll, we’re going to shop for clothes in Davenport later tonight.  I’ll get this ready to mail then.  I’ll be clever.  TM never goes into Victoria’s Secret.  If I go there, she’ll scoot over to Younkers.  Leaving me free near the mall mailboxes.  Clever, no?

I hope that this reaches you and that you can get online fast.  I don’t know if the snooty old girl has a computer, but I know that you won’t be able to stay away from one for long.  You are marked, girl, marked I say.

Write back if you can’t get on line.  Circle your speck.  Just give us the phone number or something.

Your sister, Connie

Remember, water from the Keokuk Waterworks Plant is the "Best Tasting Water In Iowa" per the Iowa Water Council.  I’m told I’ll be missing it soon. 

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