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16 Twenty-Nineth Beginning (Nanorimo 2007) Organizing Aunt Sheila

[Welcome to the middle of a long conversation between and Aunt and the Niece she has never met and who has been sent by the family to "help orgainize." Do not read any part of this as if it were a completed story or you will be disappointed. In 2007, my strategy for Nanowrimo was to call my efforts 'literary' use that as an excuse to dump ideas and references that had been collecting in my mind and desk and files for years. I skipped linear progression.]

[I also skipped quotation marks and dialog tags. They may or may not go back. I kind of like the ambiguity.]

[Barbara has collected stacks of notes and is reading from them as she and her Aunt Sheila sit on a log in a meadow an undetermined distance away from nearby houses. The point of their exercise is to enter things into a database and throw the pieces of paper away.]

There’s this thing that talks about this is a different sort of novel and maybe there is a character named Corbel. 

I remember that.  It’s two pages of drivel.  Just save the character name.  It’s a kind of crow.

Can I toss the pages.

Oh, yes.


There’s a big list of words that end in up.  Well, not words, exactly.

Like step up and eat up and call up?


I was going to do a calligraphy thing.  All of those up phrases shaped into a big U – P that looked like it was pointing up.  ‘Cause hung up and heat up and divide up don’t have anything to do with up, really, not as a direction.


I’ll put that under projects. – how about "Pseunami"? With a P.

Misc ideas I suppose.  It’s like the pastichio.

That was the nut that was carved to look like another nut.  I remember.

I’m filling your head with the oddest things.

"Mazel tov cocktail."

Very Misc.

you were saying the Lord's name in Spain.


That Jesus was rather small -- or God was very big -- because:  Quote:  He sitteth on the right hand of God the Father 

Sheila chuckled.  I forgot about that completely.  Misc.

I wasn't sure who Richard Stands was - -And it's Four Witches Stand.

That’s a misapprehension of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pledge of . . . Barbara groaned.  That’s bad.

But kind of cute.

 "forbidden," it was being saved for a little old man named Bidden

Want to make a category for (NO) puns.

Like when my father had terminal cancer and complained that his room was too warm. I opened a window and my mother-in-law worried that he would catch a cold.  David Simmons

sounds like a quote from the internet

yes is does


bot thot - - Back in my usenet days, certain posters would be accused of being bots - someone's AI project unleashed on the net in kind of a Turing Test.

Can we dump this?

No.  It makes me think about what kind of person would be accused of being a bot.



The efficacy of duct tape vs cryotherapy in the treatment of verruca vulgaris (the common wart).  I have no idea what that means.

It means that there are actual peer-reviewed journal articles that show that duct tape can remove warts as well as freezing them off.

Oh.  Yeah, cryo – frozen.



Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Oooo.  I like that.  Makes me think.

But you don’t remember it.

No.  That’s why I put things on paper.  The palest ink, etc. etc.



The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. – I’ve seen that quote before.

I’ve seen is several places, too.  Quotes?

I’m trying to avoid quotes.

But I like quotes.

Quotes it is.  For pondering, I presume.

Yes, please. 

Two or three years ago, a young couple bought an apartment built in 1972. The first thing they did was steam off the revolting early 1970s wallpaper. In uncovering one particular section of wall, the guy found a message to the future from a long-suffering husband of thirty years previously: "So you didn't like it either? It's shit, isn't it?"

You said shit.  They both nearly fell off the log laughing.


This one actually says it’s from the internet – glower.

from the internet>> My mother used to create art pieces that just begged to be touched by children and ignorant adults. None of the "Please Do Not Touch" signs worked. She reversed the logic and was successful from that point on ...

"You MUST wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after touching!!"

That’s a nice misc.

I suppose.  Or a primatology.

Primatology is getting big.

We like to think about ourselves.

Oop. Ack.

neuroplasticity, train your mind, change your brain


got it

<<Heck, I've discovered a few things I didn't need to know about my husband's taste in porn simply by reading the recent history as the browser tries to guess what I'm typing.       "Let's see, I wonder if Big Lots has a website? - OH!, I did NOT need to see that!">>

They both snickered while Barbara placed it in misc.

Violent Crime Suppression Task Force (VCSTF) Officers made a traffic stop at Charter and San Joaquin.  The driver was in possession of marijuana packaged for sale and $2,900 cash.  His Ford Expedition vehicle was seized.  On July 25, VCSTF Officers stopped a vehicle and subsequently smelled a strong odor of alcohol.  They located 37 grams of marijuana hidden in the driver's shoe, and $735 cash.  A custom Lexus was seized.  During the arrest, the suspect's cell phone was constantly ringing; Officers answered a call and arranged delivery of marijuana to one of the suspect's customers; the buyer was found to be on probation for burglary and was arrested.  (POL)

That’s poetic.  Where did you get that.

The local city departments make a newsletter of the weeks events for the City Council.  They get posted on the City’s website.  You should check it out.
[The conversation will continue.]

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