Sunday, July 13, 2014

Forty-Eighth Beginning: Cloud Between

Cloud Between

Whirlwind / Cloud Between (Thamewi)
Bookwoman / Sharonelle Martha
Carries About (Obasha’wa)
Open Basket
Rolling Rock
Mountain Grandmother

“You should go faster.  We will be late.  And we are bringing food.  It is bad luck for food to be late.”

“It is worse luck for food to be damaged.  I know these roads.”

As if to prove her right, several potholes appeared in the gravel-and-pan way stretching before them.  Carries About had to steer sharply to the right and travel with her wheels close to the sand.

[There was a good deal more that rattled around in my head for months, but never got written down.  There were also physical props that had acted as nucleation points for the story.  I may still have one of them, but I haven’t seen any in years. 

I may add some of the rattling around bits later.  Right now, I’m giving myself permission to stop here and throw away the 6”x8” Blue Book (college test ingredient) that this single page came from.  Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to mention that the story included space ships, a tribal sweat lodge on another planet, an uninvited stranger, and the politics of Naming.

Oh, and this was probably written in the mid to late eighties.]

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